Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009!!!

I just wanted to take a minute to say a big giant THANK YOU to those of you who helped make 2008 such an awesome year for me! What began as a simple ad on Craigslist turned into more than I could ever have imagined!

So thank you to those of you who had shoots with me, and to those who have already booked me for 2009!! I'm looking forward to a year filled with engagements, weddings, boudoir sessions, sweet 16s...and that's just what I've got planned so far! There will be more contests in 09, so keep an eye out! I'm looking forward to an exciting year and can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for me! My first event is just about 2 weeks away, a sweet 16. The weddings start shortly after!

Thank you to all of those who have spread the word about me!! Words cannot express how thankful I am to all of you. The word of mouth has been absolutely phenomenal, and I owe that to all of you! (Especially to my LI Weddings girls, who seem to constantly be sending others my way!) I'm really looking forward to 2009 (which is about 17 minutes away!). For those who don't already know, I've got a new website in the works that I cannot wait to share with you! hasn't been updated in a while, so it doesn't really feature my best work anymore. The update will be pretty huge, and of course I will let all of you know once it's up. I must also thank my wonderful web designer, Glen, for doing such an amazing job!!

My best wishes to all of you for a happy, healthy, and safe New Year! And congrats to the 2009 couples..this is YOUR year!! Enjoy every minute of it! For those of you that have already booked me for your weddings, I can not wait!! Here's to an amazing year for all!!! Cheers!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

In keeping with tradition, I knew I had to use Matthew as my holiday blog once again! Isn't he so handsome? I love this little guy!! We had so much fun shooting his first Christmas photos, and he was (as usual) the perfect model!

Happy and safe holidays to all!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday Party!

I was recently asked to take a few photos at a holiday party at The Plaza hotel. Now, if you know me at all, I never just take a FEW photos! Here are some favorites of the 400 I wound up shooting! On a side note, the party was great and The Plaza looks beautiful! I hadn't been there since before the renovations, but they did a wonderful job. The holiday decor (as you'll see below) was stunning! Enjoy!

She thought she could hide...

But I got her later on :)

How gorgeous are these tables?? Winter brides, take note!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My First Boudoir Session!

*Allow me first to preface that I was given permission to post these images. Due to the nature of boudoir images, I give all of my clients the option to choose whether or not they want photos displayed in my blog, along with any restrictions they have (including the option to choose the photos themselves).*

I had my very first boudoir session a few weeks ago with Vivian! We did the shoot at a great little Bed and Breakfast on Staten Island. I was glad to have Vivian as my first boudoir model because we have worked together before, and I will be shooting her wedding in May!

We had a lot of fun shooting, and I can't wait for my next session! I learned quite a bit and have a ton of new ideas to try. Vivian looks amazing, and Victor is going to love the photos! Here are just a few teasers...the rest are for her future hubby :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dolly & Kevin

When Dolly and Kevin told me they wanted to start off their shoot at the LOVE statue, I was really excited. We then moved up to a few spots in Central Park. No matter how many times I shoot there, I always love it! It was a bit chilly, but Dolly and Kevin were good sports!! These two are getting married in just a couple of weeks in India, so this was kind of a last minute shoot. I had a great time with them, and wish them all the best for their upcoming wedding!

Finally got to get some photos at the LOVE statue!

My favorite bridge in the park...look at that reflection!

Dolly wanted to get some photos in a tunnel, and this one has the greatest shape!

I love the way the arch frames them on the romantic!

The jump was Kevin's idea. Turned out great!

Stop! In the name of love....Okay, fine, I'll stop with the cheesy jokes!

I couldn't pick a favorite of these three, so I'll show you all of them :)

How cute are they?

One more shot on the steps by Bethesda Fountain...

More photos to come soon!

I'm back!

Okay, so I never really left...I just haven't blogged in a while! With the holidays so close (yay!) I've just been super busy. I do have quite a few new shoots to show you, so I'll be posting them up soon. I also have a vendor review on the way. I'll be posting updates VERY soon, so make sure to check back!