Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kim and Eric

And bringing a close to my weekend of awesome couples (okay, so all of the couples I work with are awesome!) is Kim and Eric! These two braved the cold, windy air for our sunset shoot at Liberty State Park. I personally think the results are well worth it :) The lighting from sunset always increases the romance factor, and the way Eric kept Kim smiling the entire time increased it even more! These two were great sports in light of the fact that we were so cold, and we had a ton of fun because of it.

Liberty State Park is still one of my favorite places to shoot. We found a ton of cool places there, and Kim and Eric were happy to stop and shoot at every single one of my suggested locations!

Enjoy! (and click the pics to see them larger!)

What is Eric looking at here? Nothing, we didn't put any quarters in :)

I love the sun hitting the buildings in the background here!

This shot is one of my absolute favorites from the day!

We were inside of the old train station here. I stopped them to pose for a kiss because the lighting was coming in through the windows so perfectly...

A little voyeuristic, but I love the result here. I had them out on a balcony, while I stayed warm inside for an extra two minutes.

I love this wall, and the contrast with the sidewalk makes it even more awesome. And check out the reflection in the right window!

Ana and Chris

Ana and Chris are my wedding contest winners! Included in their prize was an engagement shoot. This was my first shoot in Hoboken and I love it there! These two were a lot of fun to shoot because they could not keep their eyes off one another! They were one of those couples who listen to all of my silly ideas, which is always fun. They are such a sweet couple, and I can't wait to shoot their wedding in April! It was a bit cold for our shoot, but we kept moving to keep ourselves warm. The sky was perfect (as you can see in the photos) which allowed me to get some awesome backdrops, and Ana and Chris were great models!!

How cool is this mural? I thought it was a perfect chance to get some ring photos, but I love how the two decided to hold hands. It made the photo so much more romantic.

I just love this Hoboken mural! There were so many fun parts, and this shot makes it look like they just jumped right into a postcard.

Chris decided to teach Ana how to play baseball :)

I adore the lighting here! This photo is completely untouched, this is how it came out of the camera.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lauren and Brad

When a rainy day threatened our shoot in Dumbo this past weekend, I suggested switching to Grand Central Station. I hadn't shot there before, but I've seen so many great photos from there. Lauren and Brad loved the idea, so our rainy day shoot was on! These two were seriously up for anything, and kept each other (and me!) laughing the entire time! They followed all of my off-the-wall suggestions, and came up with some great ones on their own.

Apparently, when it rains, all photographers go to Grand Central. We saw a bunch of wedding parties taking their photos inside (and even crashed a few photo sessions). These two got into all kinds of shenanigans, from sitting on the "do not sit" stairs, to doing assorted tricks on escalators! (Okay, so I might have urged them to do so...but by the end of the day, we were just happy that we didn't get arrested for breaking the rules!) It's always great to see a couple who can keep each other smiling non-stop, and these two have got it down! Enjoy some of my favorites from this session!

I LOVED Lauren's shoes! The splash of color was great on such a rainy, gray day!

The guy selling pretzels was confused as to why I was taking pictures of them, and was wondering why they weren't dressed up for their wedding.

One of the newlywed couples we ran into. Notice the Groom looking over? On a side note, I love the bride's dress!

LOVE this shot:

Florence and Iggy

I knew I was going to have a great time with Florence and Iggy when Florence told me they'd like to do some photos at the Imagine mosaic in Central Park's Stawberry Fields. It's one of my favorite places in all of NYC, so I showed up a bit early to hang out for a few while I waited for them. We shot the day before the NYC marathon, so the park was full of people setting up for the big race.

We spent the next couple of hours bouncing around to some other great locations in the park. The foliage was amazing, and it was nice and warm out! These two were up for anything, and were so much fun to work with! They have so much energy! We had a very musical day...starting off at Strawberry Fields where a man playing acoustic guitar serenaded us all with some Beatles tunes, to a flute player at Bethesda Terrace, then the Sax player who hangs out in the same spot every Sunday, and finally we got to watch "Michael Jackson" and his dancers! Here are some shots from our day in the park. Enjoy!

Don't forget...click on the photos to see them larger!

I told you there were more leaf fights! This time, I had them throw the leaves at me :) I LOVE the color of the tree behind them!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sal and Andrea

Woah! Okay so, I am a tad bit behind on the blogging! I've been soooo busy lately (but that's a good thing!), so I finally sat myself down tonight and stayed up late to get the blog photos ready to go. The rest of the week will be spent tackling the images from my last few shoots, and posting up the rest of the blogs.

So here we go! Sal and Andrea were a ton of fun..PLUS they brought the super adorable Shea!! Shea is such a good pup, and was happy to pose for me. It was a lot of fun to watch Sal and Andrea in front of the camera. There is obviously a lot of love between the two, and you can see it every time they look at one another. We had a blast shooting, and I even got them to have a leaf fight (a new thing of mine...watch for future leaf fights in the next few blogs!). We couldn't have asked for better weather, or prettier fall colors!

Anyway, it's been a long day...two shoots and then home to do lots of editing/photo selecting. Lots more blogs coming over the next few days, so stay tuned! Sal and Andrea, your DVD will be in the mail SOON!!